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You Don’t Think Your Small Business Will Get Hacked? You’re Wrong.

Hacking - cybersecurity - phishingWhile the majority of businesses at risk for criminal hacking are major institutions that deal with a lot of data — such as banks — the idea that small and midsize businesses aren’t a target is mistaken, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Reporter Corilyn Shropshire credits that analysis to Richard Sypniewski, CEO and managing director of Sagin, a management consulting and IT management firm.

Sypniewski said nonprofit institutions are at greater risk for criminal hacking than some other targets.

“According to [a Better Business Bureau] study, 90 percent of cyberattacks on business come from phishing emails and 90 percent of those phishing emails are ransomware, in which scammers breach a company’s operating system with software designed to block access or hold data hostage until a sum of money is paid,” writes Shropshire.

Read the Chicago Tribune article.


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