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Five Questions GC Should Ask About Privacy and Cybersecurity in Third-Party Contracts

CybersecurityWhile a company cannot eliminate risks involving compromised data and systems, there are some actions that a company should take to protect data in the hands of third-party suppliers, advises Mayer Brown LLP.

In an article posted on the firm’s website, authors Rebecca S. Eisner, Lei Shen and Lindsay T. Brown discuss five privacy- and security-related questions that a general counsel should ask regarding company data in the hands of third-party suppliers and other business partners.

They questions they discuss at length are: Have We Assessed Our Security and Privacy Risks? How Robust Is Our Oversight of Third Parties Who Have Our Data or Access to Our Networks? Do We Have Appropriate Contractual Protections? How Do We Monitor Developments? and Do We Address Privacy and Security in Other Transactions, Such as M&A?

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