Why Roy Moore’s Law-School Professor Nicknamed Him ‘Fruit Salad’

Former law school classmates and professors of Roy Moore — the candidate likely to become the next U.S. senator from Alabama — shared stories with The New Yorker about the student who one professor nicknamed “Fruit Salad.”

That student went on to become chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court but was removed twice for violating the Alabama Canons of Judicial Ethics.

Writer Charles Bethea quotes one former Moore classmate: “I remember our constitutional-law professor really ripping Roy apart using the Socratic method and thinking, in retrospect, ‘I can’t believe this man went to West Point.’ Because you kind of think that you have to be smart to go to West Point.”

And Julia Smeds Roth, a partner at the law firm Eyster Key, in Decatur, said : “He’d go to class, but he was argumentative, very stubborn, and not very thoughtful in his analysis of the cases. He was not a very attentive student. For the most part, students didn’t respect him much.” She added, “Of all my classmates, he was the least likely I’d think would become a U.S. senator.”

Read The New Yorker article.


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