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Weil Gotshal Benchslapped Over Fee Request

By on May 12, 2017 in Bankruptcy, Litigation-Business

Billable hoursU.S. Bankruptcy Judge Anita Shodeen slapped down a fee request from Weil Gotshal, writing, “By any measure the fees requested in Weil’s motion are staggering.”

, writing for Above the Law reports on the case, quoting from Law360 (sub. req.).

Weil Gotshal submitted a request for $976,000 for fees for its representation of TCTM Financial FS, Wellman’s senior secured lender, during the months of September and October of last year, the report says. The judge criticized Weil’s billing rates, the number of attorneys assigned and its lack of specificity in billing entries, trimming its fees to $488,452 and denying about $32,200 in additional costs.

“Based simply upon the number of attorneys and hours billed leads to the inherent conclusion that there was a distinct lack of billing judgment exercised by Weil in its representation of TCTM,” Shodeen wrote.

Read the Above the Law article.


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