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Trump Appoints One of His Lawyers to Review Mergers

President Trump has named Makan Delrahim, a former government antitrust enforcer and corporate lobbyist, to lead the Justice Department’s review of mergers and acquisitions, The New York Times reports.

Companies are hoping that the new Republican administration will be more permissive with mergers than the Obama administration was, writes Cecilia Kang. Trump’s predecessor blocked dozens of blockbuster deals over the past eight years, including AT&T’s bid for T-Mobile in 2011 and Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable in 2015.

“Mr. Delrahim, who serves as legal counsel to the president, will be quickly tested in his new position by AT&T’s $85 billion bid for Time Warner, which is set to be reviewed this year. Other mergers under review include Dow Chemical’s bid for Dupont and Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto,” Kang writes.

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