Top Florida Law Firm Fights Accusations of Stiffing Rich Client and Bribing Witnesses

Venerable Fort Lauderdale law firm Conrad & Scherer is under siege, reports the Miami Herald.

The firm is bitterly fighting a former client, prominent investor Douglas Von Allmen, who claims the firm stiffed him on a $25 million loan that financed costly efforts to recover losses from from a Ponzi scheme, explains reporter Jay Weaver.

And the firm also is fighting on another front, against major Alabama-based energy firm Drummond Company. Drummond has accused the law firm and a former partner of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to witnesses to bolster their human-rights abuse cases against the corporation.

“The law firm lost the litigation with Drummond, and it is now facing a defamation case that gained significant momentum last week in a key ruling by an appeals court in Atlanta,” writes Weaver.

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