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Tone-Deaf Memo: Biglaw Firm Doesn’t Think Men Get Nearly Enough Credit

By on May 4, 2018 in Employment, Law Firm Management

Above the Law got its hands on an email sent out by Paul Hastings that on the surface promotes diversity, but does so by praising male partners.

Editor Kathryn Rubino comments: “Paul Hastings seems to think men at the firm need a pat on the back for ‘including [women] in client work’ and other basic stuff they should be doing anyway. Pro tip: If you’re trying to promote diversity, giving (mostly) white men center stage is doing the very, very least you can do.”

The firm-wide email, reproduced on Above the Law’s website, features photos of each of the nine male “champions” and promotes their practice areas. The promotion is followed by praise from unnamed women, such as “[He] is a true champion to women and men at the firm and is also just a nice guy!”

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