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Texas Judge Reprimanded for Telling Jury God Said Defendant Was Innocent

A Texas state district judge who was accused last year of trying to influence a jury verdict by saying God told him the defendant was innocent has been issued a public warning by the state agency that investigates judicial misconduct, reports the Austin American-Statesman.

Jack Robison acknowledged to the State Commission on Judicial Conduct that his conduct was improper, adding that it might have been caused by stress from treatment for a severe medical condition and the death of a close friend days before the trial began in January 2018, according to Statesman reporter Ryan Autullo.

The commission could have removed Robison from the bench.

“The commission revealed that it had received 18 complaints about Robison’s conduct, including from the Comal County criminal district attorney’s office, two jurors and numerous citizens who learned about the incident through media reports,” writes Autullo.

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