Innovative IP Strategies for AI Development, Monetization & Protection

Artificial Intelligence - AIThe IP for AI Summit, scheduled for Nov. 13-15, 2018, in Washington, DC, aims to uncover the latest secrets and explore best practices to harness and deploy valuable Artificial Intelligence IP assets successfully and effectively.

Organizers are now accepting speaker proposals for the forum. Anyone with a unique story may submit the title of the proposed talk with a brief description of the session objectives at

The 2018 Forum features the following Key Themes:

-What are the Most Vital Elements to Building a Strong Artificial Intelligence IP Portfolio?

-How to Facilitate and Implement AI Innovation within your Organization

-Can’t We All Just Get Along? Bridging the Gap Between your Inventors and IP Team

-Patent Eligibility According to the Experts Post-ALICE

-Building the most effective defense for your Portfolio

-De-mystifying Valuable Tactics to Monetize your IP Portfolio

-Successful Methods to Utilize Trade Secrets as a Protection Mechanism to your Portfolio

-How to Perfectly Execute an Effective and Lucrative In-Licensing Acquisition

-Inventorship vs. Ownership: Is a Machine Considered an Owner?

-Best practices explained to pass your patent under first-to-file AIA law changes

-What are the Best Practices to managing Partnerships, In-licensing of AI Expertise and Maximizing your Acquisition Potential

-How to Advance your Career utilizing AI Innovations in the Legal Industry

The event attracts a cross-section of innovators, business leaders and in-house counsel, according to organizers.

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Robotic Review: The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Contract Review

The use of artificial intelligence technology, though still in its infancy, is gaining traction with law firms, helping to provide better outcomes for clients, faster, writes Russell Kostelak in Proskauer Rose’s Minding Your Business blog.

His article discusses the use of AI in the many phases of contract review: contract creation, contract analysis, and contract due diligence.

“While many law firms rely on templates for initial drafts of a contract, there is no one-size-fits-all template for the intricacies of each situation. AI systems can scan a law firm’s contract library and generate spreadsheet reports sorting and categorizing the underlying data within the contract library,” writes Kostelak.

Read the article.


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