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Report: Uber Fired In-House Lawyers for Seeking Advice From Outside Firms

San Francisco Business Times is reporting that Uber fired two of its lawyers late last year after they sought advice from other law firms, a move Uber reportedly considered a fireable offense.

Reporter  follows up on a report from The Information that says the lawyers reached out for input on proposed policy changes at the San Francisco-based ride-hailing giant related to how long internal documents and company data are retained. The firings were “followed by the departure of three other lawyers over the next few months.”

The article continues:

The unrest in Uber’s litigation team was apparently sparked by a proposal from Uber’s general counsel related to “how the company handles corporate documents and other company data,” according to The Information.

“The two lawyers had expressed concerns to some colleagues about the new policy, according to two people briefed about the issue. The specific concerns couldn’t be learned. The lawyers contacted several outside law firms to solicit an opinion about the proposed policy, a move that Uber deemed to be a breach of their responsibilities to the company, these people said.”

Read the SF Business Times article.

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