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Remington Bankruptcy Could Put Rifle Settlement at Risk, Attorneys Say

CNBC is reporting that an expected bankruptcy filing by Remington could jeopardize a landmark class action settlement involving the company’s iconic Model 700 bolt-action rifle, according to an attorney involved in the case.

The article quotes Mark Lanier, a lead attorney for plaintiffs: “If they file for bankruptcy, it will stay all proceedings.”

Plaintiffs claim that Remington covered up a deadly design defect that allows the rifle — and a dozen similar models — to fire without the trigger being pulled. Remington denies those accusations.

“In 2014, while still maintaining the guns are safe, Remington agreed to replace the trigger mechanisms, free of charge, on millions of guns in order to settle the case. But two Model 700 owners, Richard Denney of Oklahoma and Lewis Frost of Louisiana, appealed the settlement. They argue the agreement deliberately downplays the risks from the guns, and does not do enough to notify the public,” reports Scott Cohn.

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