Success Factors for Compliance During Office 356 Migration

Computer with binary zeroes and onesZapproved has published a solution brief about how to keep legal preservation during Microsoft Office 365 migration. The free brief can be downloaded from Zapproved’s website.

The duty to preserve does not cease when an organization migrates data systems, Zapproved says on its website. In fact, not only does the duty persist, but it becomes more complex.

Corporate legal teams must collaborate with IT to define a migration plan with processes that defensibly preserve data despite the complexity of a hybrid data world with half in the cloud and half on premise. Since data is not in one place, dual processes are required to ensure compliance is maintained throughout migration.

“In-House Elevated: Close the Gap on Office 365 E-Discovery Success,” by Zapproved Senior Product Manager Sarah Thompson addresses what legal and IT teams will need to consider to safely protect discovery data and manage preservation during and after migrating to Office 365.

Download the publication.