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Zapproved Introduces Proportionality Volume of Ediscovery Case Law Summaries

Zapproved’s latest ediscovery case law summary volume shows how courts are interpreting the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as they relate to the scope of discovery and the limits of proportionality. The new volume can be downloaded from Zapproved’s website.

The publication coversĀ a range of cases from the last year, encompassing plaintiffs who might regret putting their lives under the microscope as well as a few overreaching litigants who seem to want to continue endless discovery rather than ever getting to trial. As usual, there are a few cases involving woefully unsupported arguments, illustrating what the courts wish they’d heard about. And forensic examinations came up several times, with courts ruling both for and against them.

This volume includes 17 cases analyzing the boundaries of the scope of discovery and proportionality under the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Download the new volume.