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Download: When to Send Notices and What Channels Work Best

Zapproved has published a free summary of “The Perfect Preservation Notice” session at the 2016 PREX, the premier conference for in-house e-discovery professionals. That summary is available for downloading.
“At the heart of preservation success is a solid legal hold notification process.” the company says on its website. “That includes answering the who, what, when, why and how before notices are deployed. Solving these questions ahead of time can help legal teams build a rock-solid approach that targets key custodians at the right time and in the right words to inspire action.”
At “The Perfect Preservation Notice” session at the 2016 PREX, panelists explored the elements vital to a successful legal hold notice. From the words to choose to the boxes to check, they shared tips and best practices for creating a fail-safe plan.
The summary provides insider insight on:
  • Writing to your audience
  • When to send notices
  • What channels work best
  • How to design and phrase notices
  • Why training staff matters
  • How to close the hold loop
Featured session speakers include these legal experts:
Moderator: Brett Tarr, Counsel, Litigation & E-Discovery for Caesars Entertainment
  • Craig Ball, Craig D. Ball, P.C.
  • Dawn Radcliffe, Legal Operations Manager at TransCanada, Ltd.
  • Kelly Lack, Litigation Counsel at Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Download the summary.