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Download: Designing an Information Governance Plan That Meets Your Ediscovery Needs

Zapproved has published “A How-To Guide for Managing Discoverable Data” and made it available for downloading at no charge.

“Your organization’s data has value, but — even with the low unit cost of storage — you can’t afford the cost, or the risks, of storing it all forever,” the company says on its website. “On the other hand, you can’t delete all of your data without running afoul of regulatory and litigation-based retention requirements. Information governance is the key to bridging the gap between these two extremes.”

The guide breaks down the five key components that information governance shares with ediscovery and explains why the quality of your ediscovery depends on the quality of information governance. It covers data organization and management, record retention and its flip side, defensible deletion, data access and security, and the extraction and use of critical business data.

Download the guide.