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3 Cases of Cross-Border Compliance Mishaps

Zapproved has published a free whitepaper revealing e-discovery insights on cases involving Volkswagen, Apple, Samsung and Takata. The paper can be downloaded.

The paper discusses three recent cases involving international brands, failure to meet U.S. compliance regulations yielded high penalties. Missteps like these not only cost billions in fines, they can also erode customer trust and public opinion.

Zapproved says this paper examines what went wrong and glean tips to prevent the same cultural misfires in your organization. The cases involve:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Volkswagen AG
  • Takata

While these cases paint a portrait of what not to do, they also illustrate why building a culture of compliance is so vital, Zapproved says on its website. The paper reveals three key takeaways:

  • First, create and maintain a culture of compliance that champions ethical practices.
  • Second, know the rules that apply to cross-border litigation, particularly discovery, and ensure that all participants understand those multinational rules.
  • Finally, adopt smart, automated and secure e-discovery processes.

Download the white paper.




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