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2018 Top 10 Ethics & Compliance Predictions & Recommendations

NAVEX Global has compiled an e-book that presents predictions about the top trends and events that will impact ethics and compliance programs in 2018 — along with recommendations for compliance.

The book can be downloaded from the NAVEX site at no charge.

“Business, societal and political events transpired this past year at a pace that left many with a fractured view of the ethics & compliance industry and its expectations,” the company says on its website. “The experts at NAVEX Global and its thought-leadership network discuss these challenges and opportunities based on their experiences with over 12,000 clients to provide well-informed predictions on what’s to come in 2018.”

The e-book covers:

  • The top trends and events that will impact your ethics and compliance program in 2018
  • How increased awareness and reporting of sexual harassment will affect your program
  • The evolving role of the ethics & compliance officer
  • How to create a culture of compliance

Download the e-book.




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