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Download: 5 Ways to Manage Expanding Board and Committee Agendas

The National Association of Corporate Directors has published a briefing that explains how audit and nominating and governance committee chairs can improve their risk-oversight strategy.

The briefing can be downloaded from the NACD website at no charge.

The report discusses such questions as: How can boards and committees continue to scale up their capacity for overseeing the major risks on their agendas? How should they address the concerns risk oversight raises among investors and regulators?

Some of the strategies discussed are:

  • Use ad hoc committees to cope with expanding oversight requirements.
  • Leverage evaluations and carefully review charters to ensure that committees are focusing on clearly-defined priorities and responsibilities.
  • Ensure directors’ skills are keeping pace with rapidly-evolving and future issues.
  • Increase meeting efficiency with prereads, consent agendas, and other tactics.
  • Communicate risk-oversight priorities and processes to investors and regulators.

Download the briefing.