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Connected Product Intensive: Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management Roundtable

Keller and HeckmanKeller and Heckman will produce a new seminar, “The Connected Product Intensive: A Framework for Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management,” May 2-3, 2017 in San Francisco, CA.

Keller and Heckman’s Connected Products Team will focus on the regulatory and litigation risks affecting connected products, and offer practical tips on compliance, risk avoidance, and risk management. Learn how to keep your customers safe and secure and to protect your company’s reputation and investments.

Highlights from the agenda include:

  • Guidance on developing compliance frameworks
  • Drafting privacy policies
  • Responding to a security breach and best practices for encryption
  • Environmental considerations including California’s Proposition 65 and state green chemistry laws
  • FCC issues from equipment certifications through spectrum availability
  • Handling product recalls, crisis management, and product liability litigation
  • Energy efficiency considerations
  • Advertising and marketing emphasizing claims, price, safety, and social media
  • Rules surrounding In-app purchases
  • End-User License Agreements

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