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White Paper: The Essentials of a Defensible Legal Hold Process

A new white paper published by Exterro takes a look at six e-discovery cases from the recent past that spell out the key elements of a defensible legal hold process.

The paper can be downloaded from Exterro’s website at no charge.

“A solid legal hold process is the foundation of all your e-discovery efforts,” the company says on its website. “After all, if your organization fails to preserve relevant electronically stored information, you’re opening up the door for potential problems during litigation. While practitioners, vendors, and thought leaders can offer their opinions on what constitutes a defensible process, the courts are the ultimate authority who determine whether or not your process passes muster.”

The paper covers:

  • Why you need to be timely and specific
  • Why collect-everything approaches aren’t necessary
  • What you’re risking if you fail to show good faith

Download the white paper.