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What AI Is-and Isn’t-In E-Discovery

Exterro has published a complimentary new visual guide, “What AI Is-and Isn’t-In E-Discovery,” that explains where artificial intelligence was, where it is today, and where it’s heading in relation to e-discovery activities.

Artificial intelligence is back in the news as one of the hottest tech topics across multiple industries, and e-discovery is no different, the company says on its website. But with confusion between terms like AI, machine learning, predictive coding, and technology-assisted review all too common, how can e-discovery professionals understand the differences between competing technologies and how to best use them in their day-to-day professional lives?

The guide provides:

  • Expert analysis from e-discovery and artificial intelligence thought leaders
  • Clear explanations of concepts like AI, TAR, machine learning, and predictive coding
  • Practical tips you can use to get the most out of your investment in AI technology

Download the guide.