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Download: FRCP & E-Discovery: The Layman’s Guide

Exterro has published “FRCP & E-Discovery: The Layman’s Guide” to sort out the technical aspects of the FRCP as they relate to e-discovery, supported with relevant case law and expert opinions. The publication can be downloaded at no charge.

“Simply put, The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) prescribe how federal civil lawsuits are governed,” Exterro says on its website. “The FRCP is constantly evolving and many parts may change over the years. The FRCP is intentionally vague, with the idea that judges are not to be constrained by a rigid set of directives, and ultimately, judicial rulings will determine what the FRCP really mean and how they are to be applied.”

The guide includes:

  • 30-pages on how the FRCP governs the e-discovery process
  • Expert analysis from federal judges and legal scholars
  • Practical e-discovery tips for taking advantage of the new FRCP e-discovery rules

Download the guide.