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Download: Guide to Delegating Legal Contract Responsibility

ContractWorks has published a new guide designed to show how to reassign appropriate tasks and simplify workflows by tapping into the skills and experience of non-legal staff in ways that will optimize the legal department’s time without introducing additional risk or oversight.

A Guide to Delegating Legal Contract Responsibility” is available at ContractWorks’ website at no charge.

“Delegating contract management activities to your non-lawyer professionals has a variety of advantages, but it needs to be planned deliberately and strategically,” the company says on its website. “Make sure that you understand the strengths of the different personnel on your roster, and collaborate with the other areas of your business to make sure that everyone is committed to this new process change.”

The guide discusses:

  • How Delegating Tasks Will Benefit Your Entire Team
  • Ways to Maintain Control Without and Mitigate Risks
  • Best Methods for Building Dedicated Teams
  • How to Assign Ownership to Individual Business Units

Download the guide.




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