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New Report: Don’t Leave Open Source Risk Analysis out of M&A

Black Duck Software has posted the “451 Research Business Impact Brief: Don’t Leave Open Source Risk Analysis Out of M&A Due Diligence” to help readers learn why an open source audit is crucial for firms acquiring companies, undergoing mergers, or entering joint ventures.

The report is available for downloading from the Black Duck website at no charge.

The growing use of open source in software development exposes companies to potential security vulnerabilities and license compliance issues that must be managed, the company says on its website. To mitigate these risks, 451 Research urges companies to make Software Composition Analysis (SCA) part of their M&A due diligence.

In this Business Impact Brief, 451 Research assesses the growth of open source components in software development, its serious security and license risks for potential acquirers of software IP and looks ahead to the future of why these trends aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

Download the report.