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3 E-Discovery Attitudes and How They Influence Behaviors, Processes And Priorities

ZapprovedZapproved has published The 3 Archetypes of Corporate E-Discovery to shed light on the widening gap between corporate legal teams that have conquered their e-discovery challenges and those that are still struggling to do so — or simply haven’t prioritized it.

The report summarizes the common attitudes held by e-discovery executives — and how those beliefs are influencing behaviors, processes and priorities.

Amid this environment are the inescapable pressures nearly every legal professional faces:

  • Responsibly lower costs while managing risk.
  • Provide better visibility and accuracy into litigation timelines and costs.
  • Expand portfolio to manage compliance and regulatory response.
  • Keep up with the rapidly evolving digital data and ephemeral communications landscape.

By identifying Achievers, Strugglers and Idlers as the three predominant archetypes amongst corporate e-discovery professionals, the report shows how each attitude impacts success. Achievers, which represent 30% of the e-discovery market, believe automation is good for business and report high confidence in defensibility. That leaves 70% of e-discovery professionals struggling or disengaged.

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