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Lawyers Need Vacations. Case Closed.

By on May 30, 2018 in Employment, Law Firm Management

Bloomberg Law is reporting on a a seminal study from the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation found widespread mental health problems among attorneys.

The report says that approximately 40 percent of associates at large firms have unlimited vacation days, according to Matt Moody, a senior law editor at career research company Vault. “But taking vacations while billing enough hours, remaining available to clients, and meeting court deadlines can be tricky. The Vault survey found only 31 percent of associates used all their vacation days, Moody said.”

Reporter Gayle Cinquegrani writes that lawyer and licensed alcohol and drug counselor Patrick R. Krill and lead author of the Hazelden study, believes that skipping vacations can “be a set-up for anxiety, depression, alcoholism, and burnout.”

Read the Bloomberg article.