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Lawyer Admonished for Helping Client Leak GE Docs to Media

A prominent attorney to whistle-blowers was admonished by a Washington disciplinary panel for helping a fired General Electric in-house attorney leak damaging information about GE to law enforcement officials and journalists, according to a Bloomberg Law report.

Plaintiffs’ lawyer Lynne Bernabei represented Adriana Koeck, who was also a respondent in this case. The ethics charges against Bernabei, Koeck, and a third lawyer—Notre Dame Law Professor G. Robert Blakey—were tied to events that occurred after GE fired Koeck in 2006, explains reporter Samson Habte.

Bernabei and Blakey allegedly advised Koeck to leak confidential GE documents that Koeck downloaded to support a whistle-blower retaliation claim against the company under the Sarbanes-Oxley Ac.

Read the Bloomberg article.


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