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Keep SaaS And Cloud Contracts Light On Specifics, But Heavy On Revenue Opportunities

By on December 14, 2017 in Commercial, Computers & Technology, Contracts

Solution providers shouldn’t let long, tedious contracts get in the way of closing deals, advised lawyer Mark D. Grossman when he spoke at the Ingram Micro One conference.

His advise was aimed at users of SLAs, or service level agreements, for cloud-based processes.

CRN reports that Grossman said solution providers should design a “cookie-cutter” contract – one that can be used with multiple clients with little modification – to make the sales process much shorter.

Reporter Joseph F. Kovar writes that Grossman said the key to that is to keep as much of the contract as ambiguous as possible. “None of this is unethical or immoral,” he said. “Everything is agreed to … I want to help you close deals. Don’t get bogged down in legal terms.”

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