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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Lawyer Over Chesapeake Legal Fees

By on December 11, 2016 in Energy, Litigation-Business, Oil & Gas

A lawsuit that accused a Fort Worth lawyer of cheating another lawyer out of his share of legal fees in the $51 million Chesapeake Energy settlement has been dismissed, reports The Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

A state district judge in Fort Worth shut down the litigation against Dan McDonald in which attorney Jim Ward was seeking up to a third of the millions in legal fees stemming from the Chesapeake case.

“In May, McDonald announced the settlement of his massive lawsuit against Chesapeake, once the face of the Barnett Shale gas drilling boom. In about 400 lawsuits representing more than 13,000 clients, McDonald accused Chesapeake of deducting higher-than-necessary production costs from royalty checks,” writes reporter .

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