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Jones Day Takes Big Hit in Above the Law’s Power 100 Law Firm Rankings

By on April 13, 2018 in Law Firm Management

Above the Law has published its latest Power 100 law firm firm ranking, which measures firms’ reputations and their appeal as potential employers for  talented lawyers.

Editor Elie Mystal focuses on results for Jones Day, which fell 33 spots in the rankings, from number 18 to number 58.

“Jones Day declined in every objective data point we measured. But the objective points are only half of the methodology,” Mystal writes. “The other half is a reputation survey, and that’s where Jones Day got stuffed in a locker and ridiculed by all the cool kids.”

He posits that the firm’s association with President Donald Trump may have led to the sharp decline. Partner Don McGahn took on the job as White House Counsel, and the firm was quick to associate itself with the new administration in 2017.

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