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IRS Rolls Out New Compliance Campaigns for Large Businesses

Banking - taxes - moneyThe Internal Revenue Service’s Large Business and International division is taking a new approach to tax compliance, with a series of 13 campaigns aimed at cracking down on tax evasion, reports Accounting Today.

Reporter Michael Cohn writes that the IRS division is moving toward issue-based examinations and a compliance campaign process in which it decides which compliance issues present enough of a risk that they require a response.

Those responses, known as “treatment streams,” could include examinations and letters to achieve the IRS’s tax compliance objectives, leveraging IRS expertise in various compliance issues, Cohn explains.

Some of the areas considered will be tax credits for advanced energy projects, people who withdraw from or are denied entry to the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, TV broadcasters and channels who claim film production tax credits for distributing shows produced by third parties, and micro captive insurance.

Read the Accounting Today article.


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