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Inside Trump’s Legal Team: Trying to Protect the President From Mueller’s ‘Killers

As lawyers for the world’s highest-profile client, John M. Dowd and Ty Cobb have come under scrutiny for their every move and utterance — and the criticism has been harsh, according to a report The Washington Post published on President Trump’s legal team’s representation in the Russia probe.

The report says that, when the president “frets that Mueller may be getting too close to him, they assure him he has done nothing wrong, urge him to resist attacking the special counsel and insist that the investigation is wrapping up — first, they said, by Thanksgiving, then by Christmas and now by early next year.”

The team is derided by some as being indiscreet, error-prone and outmatched, write .

They quote Alan Dershowitz, a criminal defense attorney and Harvard Law School professor: “These are not the kinds of things that one would expect from the most powerful man in America, who has a choice of anybody to be his defense counsel. Well — almost anybody.”

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