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In a Texas Courtroom, Tech Firm Huawei Stands Accused of ‘Corporate Espionage’ to Aid China

A former employee of Huawei Technologies Co. accuses the company of using a lawsuit against his Silicon Valley startup as part of a strategy to steal intellectual property and help China achieve technological dominance over the U.S. according to a report in The Dallas Morning News.

“Huawei and its FutureWei unit sued Huang and his startup CNEX Labs Inc. last December, accusing Huang of making off with sensitive trade secrets related to technology that uses integrated circuits as memory to store data,” the article reports. “Huang was hired as an engineer by FutureWei in Santa Clara, California, in January 2011 and left two years later to form CNEX, where he’s chief technology officer.”

But Huang responded that he was the victim of the Chinese company trying to take control of his inventions for Solid State Disk Non-Volatile Memory. Huang’s defense raised the corporate espionage allegations filed by other American companies and a congressional report that said use of Huawei equipment “could undermine core U.S. national-security interests.”

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