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If Republicans Repeal Health Law, Paying For A Replacement Could Be Tough

By on December 23, 2016 in Administrative Law, Government, Health Care, Tax

Health insuranceLeading Republicans in Congress have vowed that even if they repeal most of the Affordable Care Act early in 2017, a replacement won’t hurt those now receiving benefits, reports NPR.

Reporter Julie Rovner  writes that Republicans will seek to ensure that “no one is worse off,” quoting House Speaker Paul Ryan. “The purpose here is to bring relief to people who are suffering from Obamacare so that they can get something better.”

“But that may be difficult for one big reason: Republicans have also pledged to repeal the taxes that Democrats used to pay for their health law. Without that money, Republicans will have far less to spend on whatever they opt for as a replacement.” writes Rovner.

Read the NPR article.


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