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HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Will Pay a $25 Million Settlement to Salespeople Who Sued Over Messed Up Pay

By on January 16, 2019 in Employment, Litigation-Business

Business Insider reports that about 2,000 of HP’s and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise’s salespeople will finally be getting their share of a $25 million settlement paid to them by the two companies.

“In 2017, HP agreed to the $25 million settlement, from which the lawyers will take their cut — but it was just this week that the court approved the settlement arrangement, according to Business Insider’s Julie Bort. “That means the money should be soon forthcoming to the plaintiffs at last, according to the final court documents seen by Business Insider.”

The company’s salespeople complained that the company’s antiquated computer systems were not doing a good job of calculating their commissions.

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