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How States Are Using the Law to Bring Drug Executives to Heel

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The generic drug industry has come under fire the last couple of years because of staggering price increases, but now generic drug executives can expect to face tougher legal repercussions, reports MedCity News.

The efforts come in the wake of a 500 percent hike in the generic price of the EpiPen and the 5,400 percent jumpin the price of Daraprim for the treatment of potentially deadly parasite infections, writes Johanna Mayer.

In November 2016, Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc. sued two of its former executives, Jeffrey Glazer and Jason Malek, using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). And in December 20 states sued six companies, including Heritage, after a major antitrust investigation by the state of Connecticut.

“Experts predict that these diverse types of lawsuits could ignite a legal domino effect,” Mayer writes. “They also suspect that, as cases like these develop, they’ll expand to touch multiple prongs of the pharmaceutical industry, such as wholesale manufacturers and pharmacies.”

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