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He Forged Signatures of Judges Over 100 Times. Now This Lawyer Is Going to Jail

By on August 4, 2017 in Criminal Law

Disgraced South Florida lawyer Jose Camacho — suspected of forging more than 100 judicial signatures on financial settlement cases — was sentenced Thursday to 364 days in jail, plus 10 years of probation, reports the Miami Herald.

Camacho claims he didn’t make any extra money off the illegal shortcuts. Instead, Camacho claimed, he was overwhelmed with work and merely wanted to avoid waiting for backlogged judges to sign off on the paperwork, writes David Ovalle.

Broward Circuit Judge Marina Garcia-Wood — who appeared not on the bench but at the podium as a victim of Camacho’s forgeries — put it more bluntly: “He was lazy. He was purely lazy.”

Read the Miami Herald article.


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