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Glock Defeats Ex-Wife’s $500 Million ‘Shotgun’ Racketeering Suit

Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that a legal feud between pistol tycoon Gaston Glock and his ex-wife, Helga, has ended with a resounding victory for the legendary gunmaker.

Helga Glock had filed a racketeering lawsuit accusing her former husband of siphoning off millions of dollars from the family firearm empire.

The Austrian company Glock GmbH, through its U.S. subsidiary, supplies most American law enforcement agencies with durable, large-capacity semiautomatic pistols, according to reporter Paul Barrett.

Helga Glock sought $500 million as her share in the company for helping start the company on its profitable trajectory in the 1980s. She charged that her ex-husband used illegal methods to take money fom the international corporation.

The federal judge hearing the case said the suit was unsubstantiated and called the complaint a “shotgun pleading.”

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