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‘Frivolous’ Claims Lead to 7-Figure Sanction for Lawyer and Client

Bloomberg Law reports that a lawyer and his client didn’t pay more than $1 million in sanctions imposed by an Illinois judge for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit they’re appealing, prompting the judge to approve a bond to pay the sanctions that must be posted no later than May 9.

Bloomberg’s Stephen Joyce writes that Judge Margaret Ann Brennan imposed sanctions totaling $1,061,623 against Marshall Spiegel and his lawyer, John Xydakis, in a case involving a condominium association. Spiegel and Xydakis had engaged in harassing behavior, the judge found.

Two adverse decisions and a November 2015 notice that their claim against  condo board member was not well grounded didn’t Spiegel and Xydakis from producing more filings and launching new lawsuits.

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