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Segway Competitor Rolls Away from Former CEO’s Attempt to Force Arbitration

By on November 25, 2017 in Arbitration & Mediation, Contracts, Employment

Jason M. Knott of  Zuckerman Spaeder LLP describes a recent case in which  T3 Motion, Inc. (a Segway competitor) used a lack of mutual assent to avoid arbitration of its claims against its former CEO, William Tsumpes.

Writing in the firm’s Suits By Suits blog, Knot explains that it’s unusual for an employee to seek arbitration in a contract dispute.

“T3 wanted to litigate in court, and its former CEO, William Tsumpes, wanted to force T3 into arbitration. T3 had brought suit against Tsumpes and various corporate entities that it alleged were his alter egos, alleging that Tsumpes improperly took money from the company for his own personal use,” Knott writes.

Tsumpes presented a signed employment agreement that required arbitration, but T3 contested whether it had agreed to the written contract.

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