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Survey: Half of Legal Departments Work Without a Strategic Plan

By on January 19, 2019 in Corporate, Corporate Counsel, General Counsel

Nearly half of corporate Legal Departments are working without a formal plan, according to Xakia’s Legal Operations Health Check.

In an article on the company’s website, Xakia said the survey polled in-house lawyers and legal operations personnel on five continents; it provides insights on the state of strategic planning within legal operations, providing data on alignment, metrics and more.

When accounting for size of the legal department, Xakia says, it’s clear that it’s smaller teams that are winging it without a plan:

  • For teams of one to 5, 48 percent have no plan;
  • For teams of 6 to 10, the same holds true – 48 percent have no plan;
  • For teams of 11 to 50, 39 percent have no plan;
  • For team of more than 50, 33 percent have no plan.

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