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How to Identify and Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats for Business [Free Webinar]

WebinarSecureDocs will present a complimentary webinar designed for professionals who are interested in understanding, identifying, and mitigating potential data breach disasters before they occur.

The webinar will be Wednesday, Oct. 26, at 11 a.m. PST.

Featured speaker John P. Lucich, president at High Tech Crime Network, will present an analysis of the current cyberattack landscape and give detailed instructions on what businesses can do to prevent both internal data leaks, and external attacks.

During this 60-minute webinar, Lucich will introduce and examine critical topics regarding corporate data security, including:

-The common reasons why network intrusions occur
-The direct and indirect impact of a security incident on a business
-The challenges and misconceptions regarding network defense that lead to a false sense of security amongst organizations
-Likely sources of security breaches and what businesses can do to protect against them

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From a SecureDocs release:

About SecureDocs Virtual Data Room:
SecureDocs Virtual Data Room is the flagship product of SecureDocs, Inc. The data room is designed for businesses raising funds, going through M&A, licensing Intellectual Property, and those who recognize the importance of safeguarding their most critical business documentation. All SecureDocs, Inc. suite products are easy-to-use solutions that keep businesses organized and ready for opportunity, without breaking the bank. Created by the engineers and team who helped develop GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, AppFolio, and Rightscale, the team is dedicated to building software solutions that are highly secure, easily adopted, and affordable for any type or size of business. For more information about the company visit or

About John P. Lucich:
John P. Lucich is a seventeen year veteran of law enforcement and spent more than eight years with the New Jersey General’s Office Organized Crime Racketeering and Corruption Bureau, seizing and analyzing computers in support of a variety of criminal offenses. Mr. Lucich is a nationally recognized expert, lecturer and author on a variety of high tech crime investigations and computer forensics. He has been a regular guest on the Nancy Grace Show, Fox News, Headline News and many other shows, sharing his expertise. Mr. Lucich testified as an expert witness before the United States Congress in 1993 and delivered a keynote speech along with Bill Gates and General Colin Powell at CAWorld96.


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