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How Oil & Gas Technology Investments Help Executives Secure Project Payback

By on August 20, 2017 in Energy, Oil & Gas

The fall in oil prices has driven energy executives to focus on reducing production costs, according to Schneider Electric. However, are the benefits accrued from this price-influenced cost cutting only temporary or can they be made permanent and sustainable?

Eric Koenig of Schneider Electric will present will discuss that question during a webinar Oct. 3, 2017, at 9 a.m. CDT.

“Experience evidences the link between influence over costs and project stage. Each specific project lifecycle phase – from conception and front-end design to daily operations-incorporates specific solutions for maximizing profitability,” according to the invitation to the webcast. “Engineering and integration technologies designed to optimize existing architectures, increase production efficiency, and improve safety performance are currently available and are powerful tools for succeeding in today’s challenging marketplace. This webcast will explore how Oil & Gas companies can reinvent their control engineering processes, and leverage these tools to sustain and improve project delivery payback and operational efficiencies.”

During this session explore how to:

– Get up to 20% on CapEx and up to 25% on OpEx savings with a new power distribution approach
– Get up to 14% on CapEx and up to 9% on OpEx with an integrated process, power and safety management
– Implement virtual reality training simulators to secure higher uptime operations and to accelerate the training of Millennian new employees.
– Correct potential errors at earlier stages of the project with engineering simulation tools.

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