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Making Sure Your At-Will Employees Remain At-Will

By on August 6, 2017 in Contracts, Employment

Employers must ensure that their supervisors do not unwittingly modify the at-will relationship with employees, warns Pullman & Comley.

“Statements such as ‘you’ll have a long career here’ or ‘you’ll be taken care of’ may be interpreted by an employee to mean that an implied contract of employment has been formed,” writes Margaret Bartiromo. “Connecticut courts recognize a claim for wrongful termination based on an implied employment contract if the employee can prove that the employer agreed, by words or action, not to terminate the employee without just cause and that the parties agreed on definite terms (such as compensation and fringe benefits) that are supported by consideration (such as a bonus or pay raise).”

She added that employee handbooks should state that the at-will arrangement can only be altered in a writing signed by the employee and an authorized officer of the company.

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