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Equity Compensation for Partnerships and LLCs

By on June 10, 2017 in Commercial, Employment

Practical Law will present a 75-minute webinar addressing common issues and structures for partnership and LLC equity compensation.

The event will be Wednesday, June 21, 2017, 1-2:15 p.m. EDT.

Partnership and LLC equity compensation programs raise many of the same issues that arise with corporate equity compensation. However, because of the“flow-through” nature of partnership taxation, there are some unique planning opportunities and pitfalls that can arise in the realm of partnership equity compensation.

Topics will include:

  • The difference between a “capital interest” and a “profits interest”;
  • Profits interests subject to vesting restrictions;
  • Tax Treatment of partnership and LLC equity awards upon various liquidity events; and
  • Collateral tax and employee benefit consequences of partnership and LLC equity awards.


  • Michael P. Spiro, Partner, Finn Dixon & Herling LLP
  • Adam S. Mendelowitz, Associate, Finn Dixon & Herling LLP

A short Q&A session will follow.

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