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Know Before You Bid on Contract Opportunities

By on March 28, 2018 in Commercial, Contracts

PilieroMazza PLLC has posted an on-demand video discussing how businesses can proactively get out in front of pre-bid issues and avoid missteps.

“We often see what can go wrong in the bidding and procurement process long after a client submits a proposal or is awarded a contract,” the firm says on its website. “From awards challenged because companies did not confirm their set-aside status, to incorrect assumptions made about the cost of labor, mistakes made before you bid can be costly, and even devastating.”

Topic include:

  • The general requirements of the BAA and TAA
  • The applicability of the requirements and exceptions to their applicability
  • Tests for determining a product’s country of origin
  • Relevant FAR clauses and certifications
  • The potential penalties for non-compliance
  • Practical tips and strategies for compliance

Watch the on-demand video.