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New Decision Highlights (Again) the Importance of Defining ‘Commercially Reasonable Efforts’

By on October 12, 2018 in Commercial, Contracts, Litigation-Business

If your client is going to contractually commit to using commercially rea­son­able ef­forts to do something — and if your client expects that obligation to require some­thing less than “all reasonable efforts” — then you’ll want to make that expectation clear in the contract itself, advises D.C. Toedt III in the On Contracts Blog.

He discusses a case in which the influential Dela­ware chancery court noted the chasm be­tween the meaning of that term to transactional lawyers versus to courts.

“Seemingly disregarding practitioners’ views, the chancery court continued the Delaware trend —which that court itself started — of treating com­mer­­ci­al­ly rea­sonable efforts as requiring the obligated party to take ‘all rea­son­able steps.’”

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