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When it Comes to Business Development, Have a Plan, Start Small

By on October 26, 2017 in Law Firm Management

Image by Nick Youngson

For those lawyers who are intimidated by the prospect of marketing themselves, Amy Boardman Hunt of Muse Communications offers some advice: Have a plan, and start small.

“Formulating a plan will ensure that you’re not just throwing money and time into the wind, and starting small can help prevent overwhelm,” she writes on the Muse website.

In the “Creating a Plan” section, she writes that you should start by answering three questions: 1. Who are your prospective clients? 2. How can you get in front of them? 3. Why should they hire you?

The article also covers the topics of demonstrating knowledge, automation and accountability, combining business development with civil and social action, and outsourcing.

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