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Ideas for Law Firm Newsletter Content

By on August 23, 2018 in Law Firm Management

Although the main purpose of a law firm newsletter should be substantive legal information, it also provides a good opportunity to include more than just blog posts, writes Amy Boardman Hunt of Muse Communications.

“Think of your newsletter as your firm’s hometown newspaper, and let people know about the interesting stories, people, and events that make your firm unique,” she suggest in a blog post on the Muse website. “Don’t go overboard, of course. The main focus should be legal updates, but feel free to add one or two items that veer outside those confines.”

She offers suggestions for additional content to include, such as client case studies, client victories, practice area promotions, recent publications or media appearances.

“An email newsletter isn’t simply an electronic communication. It’s a chance to deepen your and your firm’s connection with your network. Use that opportunity to its fullest,” she writes.

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