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Building Your Legal Practice with Personal Networking in an Hour or Less

By on September 24, 2017 in Law Firm Management

While the usual marketing tools of websites, press releases, advertising, etc. can help bring clients to a lawyer’s door if managed effectively, many attorneys continue to miss out on one of the most effective means of attracting new business: personal networking.

Bruce Vincent, writing on the website of Muse Communications, says the “problem” with personal networking for a lot of people, attorneys included, can be traced to a perceived lack of time or, in some instances, a simple, but common, fear of social situations or public speaking. Fortunately, those obstacles can be overcome with a little planning, and the results are well worth it.

In his article, Vincent discusses how to find the time for personal networking, gaining social media dominance without spending excessive time on the project, face-to-face interactions, and how to use a low-maintenance way to keep your name in the minds of potential referral sources.

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